Giant's Head Freeride

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Landyachtz presents Giant's Head Freeride


Giant's Head Freeride - Double the Dust

Giant's Head Freeride

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in beautiful Summerland, British Columbia

Double the Dust

Grom Event

July 28,29,30

(note: updated dates!)

Nineteen Plus

August 2,3,4

(same dates)

Grom Event

New this year!

Workshops led by the pro riders. Corner sessions. Skills contests. This is Giant's Head reinvented for the riders who are young enough to shred every run, all day, and still have enough energy for more.

With a focus on skills development, riding safety and etiquette, and creating a summer camp atmosphere, the Grom Event is designed to provide younger riders of all skills levels as safe and accepting environment to get rad.

3 Days of Freeride from 10am to 5pm
3 Days of Pro Workshops from 8am to 10am (additional $100)
Lunch provided at the Hill
Campsite Activities
Miniramp Sessions
Gnarly features and lots of giveaways
Race on day 3

Nineteen Plus Event

Same great GiantsHead Freeride event

Giant's Head as it was always meant to be! Massive features. Music. Beer. Mini Dirt bikes. Actual girls! Well maybe. Three full days of mayhem for the wise, the battle-hardened, and anyone who has lived long enough to legally buy beer.

3 Days of Freeride from 10am to 5pm
19+ only, no exceptions!
beer garden
mini dirt bike races
global beer olympics
race on day 3


Grom Event


$100 extra for access
to Pro Workshops

Nineteen Plus



50% Volunteering, 50% Skating, 100% Giants Head!

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photos: Jon Huey
website: Hayato Tanaka